It has come to the attention of staff that a player's Steam account was hacked by Russians and was then used to initiate trade scams on multiple game platforms. We've taken steps to prevent that account from being used on the JPH servers, however, players listed as friends of that account may be in jeopardy of being tricked into revealing sensitive information or having their accounts compromised. Do not give anyone sensitive information, email addresses or participate in trades on non-Steam sites.

If you find your account has been compromised...
...and you have access to the account:
Steps to take NOW:
1. Scan for malware
2. De-authorize all other devices
3. Change passwords from a clean computer
4. Generate new backup codes for your Mobile App
5. Revoke the API key
Congratulations to SCS_Yingy on his promotion to Moderator!
Nelson's latest update widened/shifted part of the roadway on the stock maps. This has had the very negative effect of changing proper, long-standing bases that were set back from the roadway into bases that are now in violation as they are on the roadway. I've already sent an email to Nelson. Current bases that are known to be affected are Gas Town on PvE1, Mordecai's base on PvE3 and Sgt. Fury's base on PvE4 and Rapunzel's base on PvE8. These four long-standing bases will be considered exempt from the roadway rule for now. Any base not in existence as of the time of this post will still be considered in violation if it touches the road. If you have an affected base please PM me with the base coordinates so I can verify it was there prior to Nelson's update. Edited as the roadway widening/shift affects all maps.