Originally our "2 Hour" reboot cycle was simply for item respawns and tree regeneration for Unturned. This hasn't been an issue for some time now, and it's mainly been for updates that Unturned provides and they don't happen until usually Friday.

Therefore, we have changed from 2 Hour Reboots to 6 Hour Reboots! :)

I'm planning on writing a script to check for updates, and if found a 5, 3 and 1-minute countdown will start.

Kind Regards,
We closed the staff applications a few months ago to undergo a form revamp for our application process. We have completed the new form, and ready to accept new applicants from our users to try and become Jr. Mods for JustPlayHere. :)

The new way is a little more lengthy. Please take your time when filling out the form.


Kind Regards,
Yukon Map

We have been looking at our servers to see what’s the most popular, and what’s the least popular. Unfortunately, the only map that doesn’t seem to do well and that’s the Yukon map. Therefore, will be discontinuing this map on all servers.

Affected Servers:
  • PvE5
  • PvE6
  • PvP5
  • PvP6

Russia Map
Don’t worry! PvE5, PvE6, PvP5 and PvP6 are not going anywhere. With the upcoming release of the new Russia Map. This map will take its place.