Today's update broke signs. Any sign that exceeds a certain character limit will now display as blank.

Make sure your base and vehicle are properly marked. Complaint lodged with Nelson.
It is with heavy hearts that {WC}PistolPete and I, along with the rest of the JPH Staff, inform you, the JPH Community, of the passing of former Jr. Moderator Itsjustmemommy on 12 August 2019. The servers won't be the same without her. In just over two years she amassed 1553.2 hours with the JPH community. We will miss her.

For her contributions as a Jr. Moderator, and to the JPH community as a whole, we have posthumously promoted her to the position of [Honorary Mod].

We offer our deepest condolences to TaintedShadow and dwpmcg.

I will be leaving this thread open for those of you who wish to pay your respects in the comment section.

We are back! And hopefully for a while. Just wanted to be clear on a few things. We didn’t shut down any of servers due to non-payment issues. In fact, I have a new job and we shouldn’t have to worry about that happening again.

The issue that caused our massive amounts of downtime was because Unturned and RocketMod weren’t cooperating as the plugins were out of date or required specific libraries to make them function. It made it unbearable and unfair to our staff to continue to deal with the massive amounts of issues preventing them to do their job and do it correctly.

I finally was able to set aside some time and finally get a fully functioning stable Unturned server and I want to say we have finally upgraded to a 64bit Unturned (We were using 32bit), RocketMod 4 (RocketMod 5 isn’t ready yet.) and upgraded Mono to the latest version of 6.0.

Everything on our end seems stable! However, we need your help to see if there is anything we have missed. Please report to...