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Would you mind if we reset your player inventory?

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    Status Update
    The transfer will still likely happen sometime tomorrow or latest by Wednesday. There was unforeseen delays and we'll keep you posted. Some information:
    • IPs will change.
    • Players money will reset to 10,000 Bits.
    • Map Credit Request is still open.
    • Players inventory will NOT reset.
    • Shop will be updated.
    • Winter map is coming.
    • Halloween map, I heard was okay and will likely add one server for PvE and PvP.

    Hey everyone! It’s time to have a talk about the upcoming changes for our Unturned Servers and what to expect.

    Map Reset
    Two weeks ago we conducted a poll about resetting the maps on all servers to reduce lag. There is a lot of unused bases that’s making us do this.

    Even though the statistics say we should reset the map every 3 months and 6 months is right behind it. The idea we’re thinking would be to possibly not reset it at all and if we need to it would be every 6 Months.[​IMG]

    Demolition Team
    We will have a special Moderators team that will be in a sub group called (“Demolition Team”) and will go around and remove unused/griefed bases in attempt to reduce lag, increase performance and overall extend the map lifespan up to 6 Months. Once we reset the map, the clock isn’t going to immediately start as if everything goes, the ultimate goal is not to reset providing the Demolition Team does their job. :)

    Safe Zones
    There is a plugin called SafeZone is basically is WorldGuard (Minecraft) for Unturned and we can define certain things. I've requested some features and this could be a solution where we can sell regions to players 10x10 or 20x20 for in-game Bits. If you don’t pay for a regioned area. The (“Demolition Team”) would have every right to destroy your base without refund. Don’t worry, we’ll have guidelines and a specific times for these to be taken care of!

    What about Safe Zones that have been paid for and unused?
    If this is the case, we’ll know the owner and see base it player activity. If a player is inactive and there is no AFK post on our forums. The (“Demolition Team”) would have permission to destroy your base without refund.

    How about selling some insurance?
    We could sell insurance, however this would be handled individually and on a case by case basis as we would need to keep some form of record. The best plan we would create an (“Insurance Form”) on the forums and if you’ve been Approved then you will take your Bits from in-game immediately. This is something we briefly talked about and still under consideration.

    We have a plugin on all servers that will give you rewards if you vote for our servers. We have separated the vote system to it’s individual servers where you can vote on each one. This has been updated and you can find all the vote site links on our status page.


    Player's Inventory
    I’ve mentioned previously on how about we’re not going to be resetting any player’s inventory during the map reset. However, we discussed this amongst the Senior Staff and there are PROs and CONs will trying to do something to help the server.

    For example, Make the Gillie Suite a rare item and not everyone ones like 10 pairs of it.

    The question is, Are we resetting player’s inventory?

    As of right now, It’s no. However, we have a month and things can change based on the poll results! :)

    Economy (Bits)
    I’ve mentioned previously on how about we’re not going to be resetting any player’s money (Bits) during the map reset. However, this has been long and discussed and we have reached a middle ground as I was looking at our money database and there is about 30,000 players with either a really low balance or doesn’t exceed about 5,000 Bits.

    The question is, Are we resetting player’s balance?

    The answer is yes! However, every will be getting a 5,000 Bits to start and if you’re a current player another 5,000 Bits for the Map Credit.

    Map Reset Credit
    My base cost more than 5,000 Bits and all that is down the drain because of the map reset! 5,000 Bits isn’t going to help at all! :(

    We have a solution for you. We have created a form that you can request for additional (“Map Reset Credit”). However, we have guidelines and if they’re not followed your request will be denied.

    You’re requesting additional Bits (“Credit”) due to the Map Reset. We have setup this form for you to apply for that credit.

    You can only submit one application to receive credit. In order, to receive credit please fill out all the details below and provide descriptions and reasoning for your credit. This can also include screenshot(s) and/or video(s).
    • Failure to provide screenshots or videos will be an automatic denial.
    • Failure to provide proof the base is yours will be an automatic denial. (Staff Sponsor
    Providing screenshot(s) and/or video(s) doesn’t guarantee you will receive the credit you’re requesting for. You can deny your request or lower your amount.


    Washington Map
    Players have mentioned in the forums about wanting the Washington Map and as of right now, we currently don’t have the resources for it. However, we’re planning for this next month!

    More Power
    There are a few problems with Unturned such as it doesn’t have multi-core support and using the Unity feature doesn’t work and therefore places all servers essentially on one core, causing lag. This is out bottleneck as our servers currently have 64 GB of RAM and 1 Gbps Port and this is waste of resources as we’re hardly using this.

    We’re planning to migrate our servers to 32 GB of RAM and 1 Gbps Port. Unfortunately, we still have to use Windows as Unturned for Linux is crap. Nelson you should fix that!

    Wait isn’t that downgrading our servers?
    Technically, yes. However, we’re buying two of these servers. One is for PvE and the other is PvP. Each server can easily handle 12 to 14 servers without a problem.

    Migration Plan
    On Sunday, October 25, 2015 - We’ll be migrating the servers to their new home PvE and PvP will have there own separate dedicated to increase performance all around.

    At this time, We will also be resetting the maps on all servers. Since, we’re doing this we’re planning some changes for the rotation on our servers.

    PvE and PvP servers will now have the same amount of set servers to help with my OCD. :(
    • PEI
      • 4
    • Yukon
      • 2
    • Washington
      • 2
    Connecting to our Servers
    We’re going to change the way you connect to our servers. Currently, you are connecting with ut.justplayhere.com and then the port of that server and this can be confusing.

    The New Way!
    Each server will be labeled with there name and the port is going be the default Unturned port 27015 for all servers. How so? We’re using dedicated IPs for all servers. :)

    In Unturned we can define an IP and Port in the setting and bind it. This will allow us to use the same port more than once on a different IP. This allows us to structure our hostnames in a different and easier way! We still keeping the ut.justplayhere.com part of the domain as it will define it as “Unturned”. You will be able to connect to our servers in this way.


    CONNECT USING: http://justplayhere.com/status/
    • PvE
      • pve1.ut.justplayhere.com (PEI)
      • pve2.ut.justplayhere.com (PEI)
      • pve3.ut.justplayhere.com (PEI)
      • pve4.ut.justplayhere.com (PEI)
      • pve5.ut.justplayhere.com (Yukon)
      • pve6.ut.justplayhere.com (Yukon)
      • pve7.ut.justplayhere.com (Washington)
      • pve8.ut.justplayhere.com (Washington)
    • PvP
      • pvp1.ut.justplayhere.com (PEI)
      • pvp2.ut.justplayhere.com (PEI)
      • pvp3.ut.justplayhere.com (PEI)
      • pvp4.ut.justplayhere.com (PEI)
      • pvp5.ut.justplayhere.com (Yukon)
      • pvp6.ut.justplayhere.com (Yukon)
      • pvp7.ut.justplayhere.com (Washington)
      • pvp8.ut.justplayhere.com (Washington)
    Kind Regards,
    Cory G.
  2. please dont reset bits i know a lot of people who have worked crazy hard to get there bits and live well and have fun it would really be lame to have all that work put in for nothing to just have it taken away and 5k with an inventory wipe would not really help that much....
  3. I'm a current player... does that mean I get 10,000 bits to start, or does that mean I have to apply for map reset credit (and be accepted) to get the extra 5k?
  4. Currently, We have about 112 players who are extremely rich on our servers, whereas we have about 30,000 other players who have 5,000 Bits or lower.

    It’s not very hard to become rich once again. There will be players who may feel like it’s dry and boring, whereas a fresh new start will be best suited for them.

    Every player will get 5,000 Bits to start and 5,000 Bits for Map Credit, so yes you will be given 10,000 Bits.

    The map credit should only be applied for if you think you need additional bits and your area is good enough to receive such credit. Keep in mind, we have the right to approve, reject or reduce the amount of credit a player is asking for.
  5. ok if we are going to get new bits when the map gets a full mem wipe some players have worked hard to get the bits and the things in their invitory and when you reset that. that will be annoying buy un wise so I think you need to talk about it a bit more
  6. Yes on the demo team first sever should be done is pve2 that that is the worse one
  7. how do i vote for the map reset
  8. Voting for the Map Reset has been concluded. If we do plan for a server reset, it will be around every 6 months. Ideally, we're going to try avoid it with our new Demolition Team. :)
  9. Why does it say that the server is running on a different version of the game.
  10. For the PvE servers I'm hoping the demolition team will get to remove all those structures people build on top of roads and parking lots. People locking others out of useful item spawn areas, like gun stores, is kind of annoying too. It's fine if people wanna live in the existing buildings but preventing others from getting to the item drops is pretty pathetic.

    All in all I'd say it's a pretty good game plan you've got there. Now if only I could buy vehicles with my bits...:)
  11. The demolition team will be removing buildings in preexisting and on roads as that is against the rules and can be very annoying. Most staff will remove any buildings on roads.
  12. That is great to hear. Thank you and the rest of the staff. These changes are sounding better and better.
  13. You're welcome, we are trying to make our servers run more effectively for our community and are constantly trying to improve it, for the community.
  14. Updated first post with a Status Update, please read. :)
  15. Are players going to have to be online in game to receive the 5k bits or not?
  16. When you next logon to the server you will gain your credit
  17. I don't care if you change a tiny bit but please don't reset player inventories and please for the love of god what ever you do DONT! Change the map to Yukon. Prince Edward Island and Washington are the only maps allowed!
  18. Player Inventories will as now will not be reset. the maps that we will have is Washington, Yukon and PEI, We were looking at having a Halloween map but I'm not positive on that.
  19. Phew!
  20. why can't I access any of the servers?
    do I need to be whitelisted or something?
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