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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by double it or nothin, Jul 18, 2016.

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  1. IS it me or does the chat sometimes not show whether the server is restarting?

    I'm just in the middle of sorting my storages out and when I move a wardrobe.

    The server just restarts without me knowing about it.

    IS this devil magic?


    The chat for me atleast doesn't seem to want other players saying anything in the chat ;/

    2nd day and I can only see whispered messeges.

    The hell .-.

    Im just ranting on what's been happening to me.

    Also, noticing a lot of players on pve servers are griefing more and more from the day I set foot on a pve server.
  2. All chat is usually the same ugly color blue now. :( Unless you read every message there's nothing to make the restart message stand out. I miss it all the time.

    No idea about whispered messages. We have the /tell command which is the same as a PM but not /whisper command. Weird.

    Griefers: Unfortunately only the third ban is permanent. Until then they run rampant but that's the way the punishment chart is written. :(
  3. No one's talking in chat is what i'm saying.

    IS this for every server? Pve? Or just pve4
  4. I m dumb I didn't but a check for in game text.

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