The Unturned server is now white-listed.

Discussion in 'News Archive' started by TBanks, Oct 18, 2014.

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    Over the last month we have been dealing with hackers, and there is currently not an elegant solution to fix this problem. We have tried to avoid white-listing the server, but since our admins, mods, and users are now getting banned by new hacks, we are forced into this situation. Hopefully this will be temporary, and we will find a better solution soon.

    Because of the white-list, and the constant grief, we have also reset the map.

    If you interested in playing on the server you can apply here. (Click "Here" to go to the application.)

    If you need to report someone you can do that here.

    Thank you for your continued support,
    -Just Play Here
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  2. Aww man! It's whitelisted! And I probably lost all my stuff....I want it back.:( ( I had a rucksack, ghille suit, military nvg, some assault rifle with full ammo and drums, fire axe/pick, katana, 18 MREs, EVERYTHING!)
  3. We reset the map.
  4. Oh yeah. I noticed.
  5. I'm excited to start playing! I'm over the nonPVE servers.



  6. is the sever down?
  7. It goes on and off. Once 3.0 is released, server networking issues are supposed to be much less of a problem.
  8. But at 3.0 the map will probably reset
  9. Map reset on 3.0, probably. However, if they are willing they may be able to run a server that runs on the older version of Unturned.
  10. I signed up while ago <30mins-ish> been playing this abit in single would like to try it with others. Thanks
  11. how can i white listed ?
  12. i can't white listed i dont know how
  13. How long does it take to apply someone?
  14. The staff or the owner aint that online. They dont check other peoples applys and that stuff.
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    What's wrong?
  16. hello guys...
    i have a problem, when i try to connect i says awaiting player and it freezes
    i already tried to delete the profile i created in regedit and still i have the same problem
    what should i do?
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