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Discussion in 'General' started by nowhy01, Nov 14, 2017.

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  1. Ok here is what wrong now I did not build the checkpoint to scam people I explain and hear me out.
    The reason for being held in the holding cell was only if the player had stole attempted to or was trying to do something else that count toward an easy crime. Really cause this was the only way to not help out the server but to protect my base and property again the checkpoint only used for stuff like refilling gas or get food and water not to again get money(bits).
    But the holding cell you guy got it wrong unless you don't take this as ok thing ok but people were only charged for what they did for example if they try to steal something like a gun from my office I would have put them in the holding cell than charge them with stealing and other stuff.Or unless admin came along.
    And again this was not for an RP experience ok this was only for gas and food and supply and water SO you can take that RP problem go with it cause am not taking that reason of it not being RP as an excuse for taking down my base.
    Am going to be strictly honestly if I had done a Rp thing and was against rules I would have stop I stopped until y'all claim i was doing Rp again ok so this was never a scam if you had read the sign it say that if you had commit to a crime that invole Something bad you can be in the holding cell until an admin or mod come on if not then we will give you a 10 min or 20 sentences and I decideed whether or not I give the charges or not most likely I was not going to give them a charge so in sense yea
    .But am done with the argument ok we are people civilization I don't know if you two sr mod are in the US or not but us arguing is like the civil war all over again ok so let not use the topic of the checkpoint to prove to people why you want me out of here for good I know you never said that but the way you have to post the reply in second show me that y'all don't have full repect for me ok so let stop and just be normal people for once ok this is nowhy01 leaving now bye.
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  2. You asked a staff member if you could build a train checkpoint and was told no, you went ahead anyway after being told no, you built it within town limits.

    You are not to trap players at all, 10 minutes, 5 minutes, it doesn’t matter you shouldn’t be trapping anyone. If you catch someone breaking the rules you get evidence and create a ban request not start trapping players.
  3. Again... JustPlayHere servers have never been role play servers. If someone has commited theft on the server it is Staff's job alone to enforce the rules. The checkpoint is prohibited yet you built it. Holding someone for not paying a fee to ride the train, which Cory himself said is public and non-claimable, is simply a furtherance of the scam. Punishing players on the server for breaking server rules or your non-enforceable role-play rules crosses over the line to impersonating staff.

    Once again in your post you are telling us that you are enforcing server rules. You speak of us not having respect for you but yet you enter our servers, ignore staff and knowingly violate server rules of conduct. You then complain when told to stop the violations. I said it before: There was never a problem when you followed the rules.
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