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  1. What are robots in jph? Like i see
    People online
    Members: 2
    Guests: 5
    Robots: 7
  2. Robots are little programs that post forum spam. Usually things that push vitamins, hair care products, etc... If they actually manage to get a post on to the fourms it's quicklyy deleted. Also referred to as bots or spambots.
  3. If only you guys saw how many we get XD
  4. Thousands upon thousands. I know, I used to run the forums for the WildCards. It's non-stop hammering of the site. Fortunately only a few get through and that's manageable. :)
  5. It's not as bad as what it was lol
  6. Theyve managed to make a post:0

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  7. yea lol I'll get to them
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