i have a question about the storage limit

Discussion in 'General' started by a.therolf89, Jun 30, 2016.

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  1. is it just things that store items (lockers, crates, wardrobes, sentry guns, fridges, and coolers) or all things that can store (like library's, fuel tanks, water tanks, and things like that)
  2. oh and is there a limit to oil dericks as well
  3. Search the forums, it's been covered several times. Oil derricks currently do not count but if they, like lit campfire, cause a drop in framerate then we will amend the rules.
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  4. you might want to make that a sticky in the forums btw

    i'll save you the trouble, from what i've read, ANY storage is considered storage, even if its just a rifle rack or a cooler

    im not sure about sentry guns since they're pretty much for defense. especially for pvp

    as for fuel tanks and libraries, i dont think its part of the item storage so you can build them separately, ofc building 10 fuel tanks is a definite no-no (cant really tell since this wasnt specifically discussed)
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  5. well i have 10 wardrobes and 1 fuel tank in my one base i wanted to ask if i need to remove one of the tanks
  6. should be fine, i asked a mod regarding my base earlier (just before this new update), i had 8 lockers, 2 libraries, a fuel tank, and 20 planters (sorry about that, i removed my planters and switched to 1 plot now)

    and he said it was fine
  7. Too much of anything can burden the server to the point of locking out players. An excess of rain barrels, water or fuel tanks will lag the game for players in the area. Oil rigs when active are no different than lit lighting devices.

    Storage is the biggest offender. Lighting is the second worst. XP libraries store the information in a different manner than traditional Unturned files and do not currently add to the issue with the barricades.dat file.

    Sentries do count in the storage total and they hurt the server in two ways: One as storage and two as lighted devices when active. :(

    Other things that are in the barricades file that ultimately crash the server: Any door or window, beds, barbed wire, barbed wire fences, spikes, wood and metal fortifications, sentries (fewer now since thay can't be mounted on vehicles) hopped up cars that have concentrated amounts of all of the above, but especially storage -- all storage. That's the most concentrated item in the barricades file. Once the barricades file hits a certain size the server will crash. Preceeding this is a noticable increase in lag and player disconnects due to high ping. Once that starts there is no saving the server. It will crash and lock out players even with the DemoTeam trying to keep players within storage limits. Nelson was sent files from PVE8 and given a thorough description of the problems with storage/barricades.dat file and lighting. We've not heard anything back. What we have seen is more storage devices in the forms of rifle racks, display cases, sinks, counters, wardrobes, coolers, etc. Until the problem with the barricades.dat file is resolved we're fighting a losing battle.
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