[France PVE] Someone built a huge base

Discussion in 'General' started by tttoooony, Oct 12, 2019.

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  1. I don't think this base is within the 3x3x2 limit...

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  2. Where abouts is it?

    Use /pos for coordinates of your location.
  3. 3x2 first floor, 3x2 second floor, third floor is angled roof so that's 3 units and I see what may be a little more off to the right of the first floor. If that's 1x3, the the total is 18 units. The limit is 20 cubic units.

    Still... It would be nice to get a nearby landmark so staff can inspect.
  4. I cleared all the barricades 2 days ago when it was too laggy. I will log on and see what's going on.

    Their base was broken into and griefed. Still not fixed but not oversized. As I said, the barricades were removed by me and I also left them a note about 2 days ago.

    Thank you for reporting it.
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