Does anyone play on the PvP server?

Discussion in 'General' started by gmatthew_yt, Apr 15, 2020.

  1. So, I haven't been playing on justplayhere for a while, but it seems like there's alot more people on PvE then there is on PvP. Is there just no one on when I'm playing or is it dead?
  2. People do play on the PvP server but it's much different than PvE and, unfortunately, less popular. Cory used to have 10 PvP servers but after looking at the population on those servers we cut back to six PvP servers. After that, since they did sit mostly empty, Cory cut back to one and decided to use the Russia map so players could actually move about without getting sniped every time they spawned. You can always check the status page to see when there are other players online:

    Personally, coming from an online tournament background, I like the Arena server style of play. IMO it's better than crawling around for two hours only to get killed. ;)

    Keep an eye on the status page and drop in when you see players online.
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  3. ty

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