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  1. Senior Moderator {WC}PistolPete is abusing his\her Moderator privileges and powers, when I joined for the first time today. I dont care that i was banned just wanna complain.
    So here's my story:
    I joined earlier today and eventually got to building my house. Placed the flag okay and just put the sign with the name of my house "Blart's sanctuary for gay people" because i wasn't aware of the rules at this point. I just joined a server and i had no idea about any rules. He told me i wasn't allowed to have the word gay on the sign but i was in my inventory at this time. All i see is that i get kicked. I join back and the entire structure is destroyed, he said i had two warnings, but again didnt see any messages. After this he THEN tells me i have to have all group members name on here. I start asking why he destroyed my entire building. He tells me i got two warnings, then when i ask why i got kicked when i didnt have a chance to change the sign..... he bans me. Even when I'm looking at this punishment chart i can see that i could get kicked for this. This was all within the span of 10 minutes or so, not continuous, yet still get banned. Personally this is all i did, could've been my group members but its still not fair to me. Also rules say nothing about "Gay" just
    “STUPID ****ING N*GGER.” This is not acceptable.
  2. You failed to do what was requested of you, to simply change a sign to read the occupants who live within the base, the staff member gave you plenty of time and warning and yet you still walked away.

    It’s your job to read the rules when you enter a server, it’s on you for not being aware.

    I can provide the information about our servers on the forums but it’s down to you to actually read it.
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