Bedroll and Claim Flag got destroyed.

Discussion in 'General' started by ♫BLUE♫, Nov 1, 2017.

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  1. My bedroll and Claim flag got destroyed by someone but I don't really know who did it but I know I placed a claim flag and a bedroll on my skybase, maybe there's someone living above me who came down to destroy but I don't really know. btw my base isn't finished yet so the roof is still open.
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  2. PVE or PVP? PVP is all fair game, PVE is a bannable offense.
  3. Blue plays on PvE8.

    It only takes one griefer. We do our best to ban them but some players do have bases right at the top of the map capable of reaching anywhere. Even if there were a restriction on base height there are planes and helicopters that would always allow one to get above a skybase.
  4. Are we still allowed to build at max height? I think I will build a max hight sky base near the old sky city.
  5. The base must not extend into the off-grid area. This is considered an exploit.
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  6. What does it mean to be off-grid?

    I mean still inside the map boundaries, but very high.
  7. Off-grid is outside the normal, travesable map boundaries.
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