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    scale 1-10
    • Raidablity 7
    I gave this base a Raidablity of 7 because of the 360 view of the entire base and the fact that they have multiple people online most of the time. The other reason I had given them a 7 is because they have many weak points in which people can get in without notice if no one is paying attention to those areas. A big factor that may lead to the base being raided is that their rear doesn't have anyway to watch.
    • Storage 5
    The reason they have recieved a 5 in this catagory is because I was unable to view the storage room.The storage room from the outside is viewed as a 1x2 long room. I am unsure if the storage is using safes or crates and for that reason they have recieved a 5 in this catagory.
    • Base Placement 9
    The reason I have given this base a rating of 9 on their base placement is because it is easy to get into if you do not have the /home command and makes it easy for new members to join the base. The base is located at Confederation base hidden by trees which is the reason I had given it a 9 for all the trees if not cut down (which it seems they cut them down often) cuts of a lot of their visibilty of their front by land limiting their defenses. The 9 is reinforced by their rear which is dipped into the water which is nice as they have little worries of a rear attack.
    • Survival 4
    I have given them a 4 in this catagory for yet again I did not see if they had food in their storage room. They did have a farm but before I was to RATE the base the farm had been destroyed by raider. I give them a 4 because it seems they have people working on a new farm and If I see an improvement in the farm by the end of this week I may fix the rating.
    • Overall 7
    The base will recive a 7 overall. I have come to this conclusion because they have good attributes for defense but they dont have a great farm and I have no idea if they have a supply of food for all the survivors they have in their base.

    Pictures of base> 20160328115259_1.jpg 20160328113829_1.jpg 20160328113903_1.jpg 20160328115221_1.jpg

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