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Discussion in 'General' started by Cory, Mar 26, 2019.

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  1. Additions:
    • Added Fuel_Burn_Rate option. (units per second)
    • Added Root_#_Override spawn table option which zeros the weight of default spawns, useful for total conversion mods.
    • Added BatteryMode_Driving, BatteryMode_Empty, BatteryMode_Headlights and BatteryMode_Sirens which can all be set to Burn, Charge or None.
    • Tweaked lean obstruction test to use capsule overlap rather than a single ray.
    • Tweaked bicycle to be vulnerable to weaponry. Why wasn't it?!
    • Tweaked missing buildable kicks to log item ID.
    • Tweaked inspectable properties to be read-only while in-game.
    • Fixed potential issue retrieving server camera mode.
    • Fixed catching exceptions thrown during core server plugin callbacks.
    • Fixed server vulnerable to cheat input packet spam. [Thanks Coopyy!]
    • Fixed salvage duration override comparison.
    • Fixed spec ops helmet display rarity.
    • Fixed saving non-finite player positions.
    • Fixed cursor color option header.

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Thread Status:
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