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Discussion in 'General' started by Cory, Feb 22, 2019.

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  1. Additions:
    • Added LOD_Bias to Preferences.json.
    • Added plugin events for buildable deploy requests.
    • Added Kills_Player condition by popular request.
    • Added support for clothes that replace your body mesh for mods.
    • Added support for weapon skins that turn corpse into metal. Will be used as rewards for future contests.
    • Updated to .NET 4.6, this time hopefully without floating water.
    • Tweaked recoil recovery to be more consistent.
    • Disabled legacy objects position clamp.
    • Tweaked incompatible content to show warning but still allow downloading.
    • Tweaked claim flags to prevent building on nearby vehicles.
    • Fixed calculating structure bounds now that transforms are synced at end of tick.
    • Fixed stance change overlap test.
    • Fixed suspected cause of surfing along wall edge issue.
    • Fixed abusing clip plane corner with log walls.
    • Fixed the magical floating decal that existed on all maps.
    • Fixed potential cause preventing building structures related to pending build check.
    • Fixed using water to cancel reloads.

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