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  1. 2018 Festivities:

    Holiday cheer is in the air! Everyone aboard the Liberator has dressed up for the occasion and put up their decorations. Snow has built up in a few locations were you can now make snowballs.


    Across PEI, Washington and Russia, someone (maybe the zombies?) has put up ornamental trees with presents underneath. They may have gifted you some high-tier weaponry! Holiday gift presents are now dropping as well, so you may find yourself with a few festive outfits in your inbox soon.

    Raiding Balance Pass:

    There may be subsequent passes based on your feedback to these changes, but the goals for this update were:
    • Horde beacons were an incredibly effective source of endgame items for large groups, but now have diminishing returns. By requiring a detonator, detonators now have an economy sink.
    • Machine guns that damaged bases with low caliber ammunition were too powerful, and in general damage against bases is lower.
    • Metal elements are significantly more worthwhile to build, while charges still feel effective against wooden bases. Requiring multiple charges to destroy a single wooden wall felt frustrating, but that may be adjusted later.
    • By reducing the availability of raiding equipment the default base armor multipliers hopefully can stay similar, but if needed the default values will be further tuned.
    Patch Notes:

    • Accepted several new time-limited skins to the stockpile from the curated workshop.
    • Added separate low and high-tier armor multipliers for buildables. Metal and bricks qualify as high-tier, and now have 2x effective health.
    • Added freeform glass plates craftable from glass windows. [IDs 892-894]
    • Added support for explanation message to server shutdown notice.
    • Added compatibility warnings for future workshop items using 2017.4 LTS.
    • Added weak grenade throw to secondary attack, and Strong_Throw_Force [1100], Weak_Throw_Force [600] and Boost_Throw_Force_Multiplier [1.4] to per-throwable configs. Previous throw force was 750 with a 2x boost multiplier.
    • Tweaked Nykorev, Hell's Fury and Dragonfang to only take highcal ammo, and their buildable damage slightly lower.
    • Tweaked Ekho, Matamorez, Grizzly and Timberwolf buildable damage slightly lower.
    • Tweaked horde beacon drops to scale by the square root of number of participants, rather than linearly. For example 2 players get ~1.41x, 3 players get ~1.73x.
    • Tweaked horde beacon blueprint to require sacrificing a detonator.
    • Tweaked to require text confirmation when salvaging items unless CTRL is held. Previously only Mythical items required confirmation.
    • Tweaked rich text chat to not fade out.
    • Disabled movement clamps in editor.
    • Defaulted workshop server filter to on.
    • Fixed checking buildables you were already overlapping when mounting ladder.
    • Fixed climbing on explosive charges.
    • Fixed one-sided cliffs in PEI pirate caves.
    • Fixed snowdrift collision desync.
    • Fixed placing multiple structures at the same location at the same time.
    Edit: BattlEye released an update shortly after, so Unturned included it in an 8mb patch for 64-bit Windows. This patch is optional and did not increase the version number.

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