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  1. Halloween:

    Halloween gift presents are dropping, decorations are up and costumes are on - the annual Halloween event is back from the grave! This year also sees the addition of several holiday-related tools for creators. For example you can add Halloween decorations to the main version of your map and they'll be automatically updated, setup timed costumes for NPCs and use holiday conditions for quests/items/etc currently added for items like the Festive Barbed Wire.

    Update Notes:

    • Added Instakill_Headshots True option to Timberwolf, Grizzly and Ekho which will pass through helmet armor when Allow_Instakill_Headshots is enabled on servers.
    • Added Drops_Table_ID, Drops_Min and Drops_Max options for vehicle asset scrap/explosion rewards.
    • Added Holiday condition type with Halloween value used for main menu decorations, NPC costumes and some craftable items.
    • Added Holiday_Restriction for objects and Halloween versions of some, now used for annual Liberator festivities.
    • Added SpotLight_Range, SpotLight_Angle, SpotLight_Intensity and SpotLight_Color options for all light items.
    • Added Allow_Flesh_Fx to disable blood effects per melee weapon.
    • Added Allow_Crafting option to level's Config.json.
    • Tweaked arena mode to pick random players in-case map has less spawns than clients.
    • Fixed guns to verify item asset hash when attaching them. [Thanks MoNTiN]
    • Fixed some mistakes in the foundation placement overlap test. [Thanks Kylie]
    • Fixed taking fall damage after accidentally dequiping parachute slightly above ground.
    • Fixed hits against falling players sometimes getting rejected.
    • Fixed sanity check that player isn't already seated in vehicle. [Thanks Leitt]
    • Fixed replicating newly respawned items. [Thanks lvlbgn]

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