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  1. Update Notes

    • Added Weapons_Use_Player_Damage config options which causes weapons to cause the same damage to zombies and animals as they would to players. This raises the difficulty a bit on hard mode.
    • Added onServerSpawningItemDrop and onDropItemRequested events for plugins to prevent certain items from being dropped.
    • Added zombie backstab damage multiplier config option.
    • Tweaked space requirements when logging in.
    • Tweaked to log which item caused a useable exception.
    • Tweaked workshop item allowed IPs list to treat IPs after '-' as blacklist.
    • Fixed a rare disconnect when exiting or dying in a vehicle partway through input tick.
    • Fixed unplayable roof intersection in House #01.
    • Fixed replanting dead trees between arena rounds.
    • Fixed claim flags on vehicles not doing anything.
    • Fixed misconfigured serverside version of jail door.

    If you have any Razer Chroma enabled devices, try adding -RazerChroma to the command line options to test out game integration! A few days ago they asked if I'd be interested in adding support, and sent over a couple test devices. It was quick and fun to do, and features stuff like the reload key fading from green to red or everything flashing white when you're flashbanged. I'm curious to hear if you have any suggestions/ideas on this.

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