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  1. Update Notes:

    • Added timer and alerts when someone is leaving a group.
    • Added several timed curated workshop skins.
    • Added vehicle damaged event, item equip/dequip request event and player speed multiplier for plugins.
    • Added ability for server to respond to custom UI button clicks. [onEffectButtonClicked, serversideSetPluginModal]
    • Added vehicle options Battery_Burn_Rate and Battery_Charge_Rate, both measured in battery per second.
    • Added ability for server plugins to bind to a few client hotkeys. [Defaults , . / ; ']
    • Improved memory usage of custom maps using asset bundles by consolidating shaders during loading. Currently this is opt-in for mod authors by adding Enable_Shader_Consolidation to the .dat files and double-checking that it works correctly, but in the future might become opt-out with Disable_Shader_Consolidation.
    • Tweaked to allow third person for freecam on first person servers.
    • Tweaked to require a reason for refuse garbage connection call.
    • Fixed using primary weapons from inside vehicles while underwater.
    • Fixed plugins unable to cancel hallucinations.


    Carpat has now retired from the official map pool, but you can still play it by clicking the link under the in-game curated maps list, or by visiting the workshop page here:

    View on Steam Workshop

    Apologies for the late news. This was originally scheduled for the end of August. Right now the finishing touches are going into the next curated map.

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