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  1. Update Notes:

    • Added ability to ignore blueprints to avoid accidentally crafting them. Ignored blueprints are hidden when 'hide uncraftable blueprints' is enabled.
    • Added 'allowed IPs' field to workshop submission tool which enables server networks to have workshop items restricted to download only on their servers when using the WorkshopDownloadIDs.json feature.
    • Tweaked harvesting plants to be cancellable by plugins with onHarvestPlantRequested.
    • Tweaked beds to only be placeable with a line of sight to center of torso.
    • Tweaked Snayperskya range up to 250 meters.
    • Tweaked ranges of all shotguns longer.
    • Tweaked PDW to have increased bullet drop.
    • [Hawaii]Tweaked boulders to use the same shader as used in other maps.
    • Fixed to clamp user interface scale into [0.5, 2] during startup.
    • Fixed melee weapon taking durability damage from misses.
    • Fixed potential issue with object foundations.


    Following a popular run as a curated map Ireland has now moved on to the Workshop.

    View on Steam Workshop

    Saves and progress will carry over to the Workshop version if you decide to download it. There are several other exciting curated projects coming up - more info on them soon!

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