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  1. Update Notes:

    • Added support for NPCs to sell vehicles by specifying _Type Vehicle and a _Spawnpoint in vendor asset.
    • Added support for animals to predictably spawn in arena mode.
    • Added Spawn_With_Max_Skills and Spawn_With_Stamina_Skills config options.
    • Added onApplyingDefaultSkills event to PlayerSkills for plugins.
    • Improved WorkshopDownloadIDs.json to properly support auto-updating maps.
    • Improved curse word list to be localizable.
    • Tweaked vendor buying/selling list sorting to be disablable with Disable_Sorting flag.
    • Tweaked area and group messages to include [A] and [G] tags.
    • Tweaked talk-to prompt to show NPC name.
    • Fixed shadows on rich text labels that used capitals in color tags.
    • Fixed a small gap in the trim of House #09.
    • Fixed potential issue when sending chat messages from plugins.
    • Fixed work jeans item material.
    • Fixed amount of chromatic abberation and added option in preferences.json to control intensity.
    • [Greece] Fixed rotation of lighthouse.
    • [Greece] Large variety of quest and NPC related fixes.
    • [Ireland] Fixed damage of Dagger gun in easy mode.

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