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  1. Update Notes:

    • Added Impact Grenade. [ID 1520]
    • Added "Fuse_Length" throwable option and Explode_On_Impact option which works for flashbangs as well.
    • Added experimental ui.text_scale and ui.layout_scale options which make the game better playable on low (800x600) and high (4k) resolutions. You can give them a try by setting them from the terminal, or by adding some lines to Unturned/Execute.config or Unturned/Cloud/Execute.config: ui.text_scale # and ui.layout_scale # (e.g. ui.text_scale 0.5 for 50% of normal size, or ui.text_scale 2 for 200% size)
    • Added Arctic Alicepack. [ID 1511]
    • Added Arctic Ghillie Suit. [IDs 1512-1515]
    • Added Arctic Military Outfit. [IDs 1516-1519]
    • Improved vehicles left locked in safezone to unlock after one IRL hour. This can be adjusted with the Unlocked_After_Seconds_In_Safezone option, or disabled by setting to -1.
    • Tweaked compare_flags condition to allow format text.
    • Tweaked Snow_0 collision to more closely match visual.
    • Fixed multicast send UI effect argument formatting.
    • Fixed names of several assets which were potentially genericized.
    Note: I'll be away visiting my family in Calgary this weekend, so no devlog post.

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