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  1. Update Notes

    • Added alpha blended decal mode. [Default mode is still Masked, for an example look in the /Objects/Small/Decals folder.]
    • Added Player_Life_Health, Player_Life_Food, Player_Life_Water and Player_Life_Virus NPC condition types.
    • Added core military vehicles to examples folder to make custom versions for maps easier.
    • Added Boss_Nuclear zombie type for nuclear power plants on custom maps.
    • Reverted BattlEye version until the Steam overlay hook is patched.
    • Tweaked medium spherical boulders to have skybox variants.
    • Tweaked spirit zombie to be more visible in dark.
    • Fixed toggle skins option when swapping between remeshed items.
    • Fixed stat counter left-handed text. [Sorry! This should have been fixed ages ago, but the fix slipped through the cracks.]
    • Fixed snow_0/1 to be properly configured as snow.
    • Fixed devkit object placement to respect asset's can use flag.
    • Fixed zombie/animal player damage to trigger player damaged event.
    • Fixed door collision when moved with the admin editor serverside.

    The majority of my time has been going into 4.x trying to get a really polished beta ready, but I've also been working with several teams on upcoming content: in the near future we should have the 3rd Greece update, and another 2+ maps from new curated teams are nearing completion.

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  2. BattleEye was not reverted. Still blocks the overlay.
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