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  1. Greece Update 2 of 3:


    Cyprus is now available in-game!
    Cyprus is an expandalone for the Greece map available separately in both Arena and Survival modes! It builds on the Greece environment while sporting entirely new locales, and being a Medium-sized map it's less taxing to run.

    Featuring a specially designed Arena variant also makes Cyprus the newest open-world Arena map in quite some time.

    The Greece Mystery Box has been updated to include several new "Graced" weapon skins to celebrate the 2nd stage of Greece updates.

    The third Greece update, containing the full suite of NPC content and quests is coming soon...

    Update Notes:

    • Added Cyprus, available in Arena and Survival formats.
    • Added ability for server to send rich text formatted messages. [e.g. <color>, <b>, <i>]
    • [Greece]Miscellaneous content fixes.
    • Fixed still updating join data while in streamer mode.
    • Fixed time of day condition to take day/night bias into account.
    • Fixed submitting Maschinengewehr skins and Trains to Workshop.

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  2. since the update occur, all the warnings, and advertise in chat mode is grey, and we cannot talk in chat anymore. just to let u know
  3. It will be screwed up until the Rocketmod update takes effect. We didn't break it so we can't fix it.
  4. good. thx for reply!
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