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  1. Greece Patch Notes:

    • Added 3 more beach locations with boat spawns.
    • Added airdrop nodes.
    • Added animal spawns.
    • Added the lighthouse to the map.
    • Added new doors to the faction bases.
    • Changed all item IDs from 30## to 35##.
    • Fixed Navigation for zombies on Tent #1.
    • Fixed invisible faces on Bank roof.
    • Fixed various Tree stumps.
    • Fixed Olive trees to work properly.
    • Fixed Racing fence.
    • Fixed railing issues on store/appartments.
    • Fixed lighthouse light.
    • Fixed zombie navigation on Greece Ramp.
    • Fixed all flags.
    • Fixed Lancer taking Lockdown Ammunition.
    • Fixed Backlash missing Attach_Stop.
    • Fixed missing spawntables.
    • Fixed Police Station Window Frame.
    • Fixed Military Faction Base LODs.
    • Fixed some various NPC issues.
    • Fixed terrain hole volumes.
    • Fixed missing safezone nodes.
    • Fixed various locations players could get stuck.
    • Fixed some floating objects.
    • Fixed access to under the map in safezone.
    • Fixed Lamia dock lights.
    • Fixed road/bridge connection near Volos.
    • Moved dumptruck spawn from tunnel causing clipping issues.
    • Fixed Police zombie experience gain.
    • Fixed all the zombie having hats.
    Happy new year from myself and all the curated map teams!

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