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  1. Update Notes:

    • Added flatbeds to driveable cargo train.
    • Added support for buildables on multiple moving sections of vehicles.
    • Added admin command ability to teleport to your waypoint. [/teleport wp]
    • Added RocketMod t-shirt the sales of which support fr34kyn01535.
    • Improved workshop files downloaded from servers to override existing IDs. // Thanks cartman-2000
    • Improved UI to react properly to external window resizing.
    • Tweaked train to instakill buildables on tracks.
    • Tweaked freeform bounds to help prevent overlapping head.
    • Fixed train desync when exiting at high speeds on server.
    • Fixed salvaging buildables with higher than max health.
    • Fixed showing hitmarkers on trains.
    • Fixed off roader material in menu level.
    • Fixed cargo train different forward/backward speeds.
    • Fixed to prevent grabbing trains with skycrane.
    • Fixed random short reward different values on client and server. // Thanks Spyjack
    • Fixed to prevent using invincible turrets while underwater. // Thanks PhaserArray
    Development Progress:

    I've been really excited this week starting to get the gunplay working for 4.x and all the new effects: you can hear shells as they bounce off nearby walls/floors, the parts on the guns like the charging handle move when you pull them, you can see the dropped magazine fall from the gun and the new one in your hand as you insert it - and many more. There's still lots to do in this department but I'm hoping to have a video demonstration presentable soon!

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