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  1. Halloween:

    The Halloween event is now live! You'll find Neuschwanstein Castle and The Liberator have dressed up to celebrate and can get Halloween Gift Presents as drops throughout. It will be available until the next update on the 3rd.


    On Russia you'll now find a driveable train on the main line! It's the new fastest way to travel in the game - as long as your destination is along the tracks anyway. The goal is to sort out any issues with the train features this week and then in the coming updates to add support for multiple attached train cars (I'm thinking flatbeds so you can build huge bases on the train!) as well as bring them to the other maps.

    Update Notes:

    • Added train engine to Russia.
    • Added Halloween Gift Present to drops with new Blood Sucker mythical effect. // Thanks TheUnion
    • Added Halloween decorations to Neuschwanstein Castle and the Liberator.
    • Added several new Halloween themed curated workshop items to the stockpile.
    • Added support for skins that change the item's mesh and support for skinned vehicles.
    • Added material index override for devkit objects.
    • Added options to spawn effects on server and randomize rotation.
    • Improved to not show battery in UI on vehicles that don't use them.
    • Tweaked bicycle to not explode when destroyed.
    • Fixed bicycle pedals not lining up with feet when left handed.
    • Fixed interacting with quest decals.
    • Fixed exploded motorcycle front color.
    • Fixed black roadster incorrect speed. // Thanks xdlewisdx
    • Fixed canteen not collecting salt water on maps not using water volumes. // Thanks V1CeNtE

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