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  1. Hotbar & Bicycles:


    The first stamina-powered vehicle is now available in-game: the bicycle! These can be found commonly on all official maps except the Yukon and are the first vehicle not to burn fuel. You can ride the bicycle infinitely or hold the sprint key to consume stamina and pedal faster. Your movement/stamina related skills transfer over to bicycles as well!

    At the bottom of your screen you can now faintly see every item that you currently have hotkeyed. This helps when you use hotkeys for a lot of items but can be turned off in the options menu "Show Hotbar".

    Update Notes:

    • Added Bicycle. [ID 185]
    • Added hotbar to show hotkeyed items and option to disable it.
    • Improved to teleport player if saved login spot was obstructed.
    • Fixed joining limited dynamic groups and some other potential issues.
    • Fixed rain not refilling barrels after reloading level.
    • Fixed Sportshot magazine blocking action.
    • Fixed Hawaii hang glider equip animation.
    • Fixed crash when saving large number of roads.

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