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Dec 5, 2012
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o_o Aug 24, 2016

Cory was last seen:
Dec 29, 2023
    1. skyfrost360
      Hey cory would you mind revising your staff team? I'd like to report abusive behavior, where can I do that?
      Seoru likes this.
      1. 2lazyguysplay
        May 26, 2017
    2. papershredder432
      @Cory on the account upgrades, you got the MRE id wrong, it is 81 not 18.
      2lazyguysplay likes this.
      1. 2lazyguysplay
        oh it is lol
        May 26, 2017
    3. Агрошкольник
      простите, я играл на этих серверах еще в том году и меня забанили видимо за то, что я рейдил дома, но я не знал что ельзя рейдить дома.Разбаньте меня пожалуйста. Мне очень нравится играть на этих серверах.
    4. AssassinCat
      Can you check and approve my application please?
      Seoru likes this.
    5. Bob the Jeff
      Bob the Jeff
      How do you apply for staff I have clocked some good time in on the server and want to try and apply for unturned PvE1
      Whats with the shop?
      Kill_Cube 2 likes this.
      1. Jayfrass1
        I ask the same question.
        Jun 12, 2016
      2. 2lazyguysplay
        It is a plug in that lets you buy some items like food or guns by using the command /buy or sell stuff by using /sell you can see how much something costs by doing /cost. You can't buy everything, like you can't buy a shadow staker mk 2
        May 26, 2017
    7. bossbot231gaming
      Hello Cory, I just want to make you aware of this important thread we (players, administrators) need a reply from your perspective. The thread name is [Many Topics]. I hope we can hear your POV/thoughts in the thread.
    8. Kill_Cube 2
      Kill_Cube 2
      hello my friend and I were the band because we found an avowedly house and looked in it .
      But we took nothing so can we get in to the server plis . our name is Kill Cube and Lord hk
    9. FøxY
      Hey Cory, im Foxy, i got about 55+ hours on your unturned servers (pve3 and now pve7)
      im also the founder of the "newtopia" on pve7 and i would be really happy if you could make me a staff too, i would take it serious and would not abuse the mighty power,
      i would just like to be a part of the Team, helping and supporting.
      just hit me up for a talk if you want
      greets Foxy
    10. C69
      Mr.Cory I would like to apply as a staff in Washington PvE 8 , please reply, I really wanna help this site and the servers.
    11. Threedog03
      OYE! you guys need more admins on your servers at all times. You guys have your little message saying griefers will be banned but yet simeine destroyed my base took all my **** and destroyed my bed. This is on PEi unturned. Fix your ****!
    12. AssassinCat
      Hay Cory, how do i apply for admin on unturned server PvE7?
    13. DeeeJayBeee
      Not sure if there is a forum to post this in but since you seem to be the owner I shall take a chance.
      Me and my friends joined the PvE5 Yukon server not too long ago and we have been enjoying it.
      Aside that our house has been blown to bits more than once.
      I've never seen any admins on the server so I was hoping something could be done about the griefing.
      Thanks if you read this.

      1. Nildrak
        There is a report section on the forum.
        May 19, 2016
    14. Gabriel Augusto
      Gabriel Augusto
      let me return to play on the server
    15. Redtheandrew
      hi cory i have a problem because i was playing at justplay pve on pei but by some reason i cannot teleport to my home
    16. Bob the Jeff
      Bob the Jeff
      What is the slack team I should look for
    17. Shirouko
      cory all admin in justplayhere very boastfull i dont like it
    18. Bob the Jeff
      Bob the Jeff
      Corey have you checked my staff application I haven't got a notifcation yet
    19. You know who
      You know who
      how do i sign up for mod.
    20. xXRonnieTeBossXx
      ok i found it but how do i find my steam id64
      1. Harry Williams
        Harry Williams
        Apr 1, 2016
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