Becoming a Jr. Mod

Nov 3, 2016
Becoming a Jr. Mod
  • Jr. Mod is the first rank in our staff team. Jr. Mods are, as the name suggests, Junior's Moderators to become a Moderator through the undergoing of a 1-month trial. During this trial, Jr. Mods work with their assigned mentor and learn about the responsibilities of a Moderator. The overall job of our staff members is to ensure that JustPlayHere players have the best experience possible.

    Your job:
    • Interact and converse with players.
    • Resolve player questions and problems.
    • Any related issues that require additional attention, please report to your assigned mentor.
    • Any related issue related to a temporary ban for an extension should be reported on the forums.
    • Forum duties

    You are:
    • An active JustPlayHere player with a passion for, and deep understanding of the network.
    • Friendly and cheerful with a passion for talking and interacting with others.
    • A team player who can also work independently.
    • Highly motivated.