Who removed the signs from my base?

Discussion in 'Support' started by Thornhip, Apr 28, 2017.

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    If the real JPL staff remove the signs from my base is that abuse?

    I still content that my base is only about 15 blocks, as per my forem thread that brought it up back when ramps first came out. Ramps being counted as 1/2 blocks is not in the rules anywhere as of this post. Either way it doesn't really matter, the base is still within the size limit and it's just the admins "pulling rank" to remove my signs over it...

    Or in the case of adding signs griefing in their own way (the first two where not marked JPH staff) ...
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  2. JPL? Jet Propulsion Laboratories?

    Your base is 17 blocks, not matter what you think. Ramps did not exist when the rule first came out. Neither did wardrobes or sentries, but they all count. Angular surfaces are factored at 1/2 the value of perpendicular surfaces. While we don't count the outer, exposed part when you have ramparts surrounding it, you STILL have more room inside compared to not having a ramp. We're calculating volume. No matter what shape you make, if it can be or is enclosed, it counts.

    Staff cleared your incorrect signs and will do so whenever we find them, especially since you find it perfectly reasonable to remove staff signs when you're not pleased with what they say.

    Destroying staff signs is bannable whether you agree with them or not.

    End of discussion.
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