For those experiencing graphics issues from the uGUI patch back on 4 December, Nelson has made a command-line option to use the old IMGUI method of displaying the game. This eliminates many issues with artifacts and graphics crashes that surfaced with the uGUi update. To use the older graphics mode, right click on Unturned in your Steam game library. Click on, "Properties", "General" then, "Set Launch Options". Type or copy/paste the following into the box: -Glazier=IMGUI

That will revert your game to the older, pre-artifact/pre-graphics-crash version of the game.
The latest update is causing the servers to crash without warning. They are not saving data prior to the crash so you may lose up to 15 minutes of activity or spawn in a spot where you were 15 minutes prior to the crash. This could drop you right into the middle of a zombie spawn. It'll be fixed whenever Nelson gets around to fixing it.
Today's update broke signs. Any sign that exceeds a certain character limit will now display as blank.

Make sure your base and vehicle are properly marked. Complaint lodged with Nelson.