Hello Players!

It’s that time again, I’d have to inform you that we are going to making some adjustments to our network as the player base to keep all the servers online is no longer there.

What’s changing?
  • We are removing Hawaii and Germany maps on PvE.
  • We are adding France (PvE4) to PvE.
  • We are moving the Russia map from PvE9 to PvE6.

  • We are removing all of PvP servers, except for:
  • We are keeping PvP1. However, the Russia map (Current PvP6) will take its place.
  • We are keeping 4 arena servers. 2x Paintball and 2x Monolith

Buildings / Items and Money
Your building, items, and money will be not reset. The servers we are removing your items and building will be gone. However, your best option would be to sell your items to the shop.

These changes will take place on Monday, March 11th, 2019.

Kind Regards,
- Cory
I found a fix myself and now have released it to the public for Linux servers. Hopefully, this will be an all around solution shortly.

In the meantime, there was an issue I've found and it's only listing PvE1 and PvP1 on the server listing page.

Please head over to our status page to connect to our servers directly

Hello Everyone,

I wanted to make this quick forum post in regards to our servers being down. We are aware of this issue and it's not something we can fix.

Recently, Nelson released an update and either he or Steam has broken the game on Linux. We are patiently waiting for a fix and I wanted to inform everyone that we have not gone anywhere and we should be back online shortly. :)

Kind Regards,
- Cory
Hey everyone,

UPDATE: The maps and plugins have been updated! They're few minor issues which will be resolved soon!

UPDATE: Shop has been updated. Salvage and Sell your items!

UPDATE: Due to the shop not being updated. We are moving the reset a week from today. We'll add the shop update on Friday, 8th. The reset will be on Monday, 11th.

For a while now, we have been contemplating the resetting of all maps on all of our servers. The purpose of this move is to consolidate and re-order our servers. This means we can remove unused servers and re-allocate resources that are being unused to maps we currently don’t have.

It’s been over 19 Months (1 year and 7 months) since the last map reset. What does this mean for you?
  • A fresh new map.
  • Your inventory will be deleted.
  • You will not lose your in-game money.
  • We’ll be providing a one-time credit of 10,000 Bits to your current balance....