Hey everyone! It’s time to have a talk about the upcoming changes for our Unturned Servers and what to expect.

Map Reset
Two weeks ago we conducted a poll about resetting the maps on all servers to reduce lag. There is a lot of unused bases that’s making us do this.

Even though the statistics say we should reset the map every 3 months and 6 months is right behind it. The idea we’re thinking would be to possibly not reset it at all and if we need to it would be every 6 Months.

Demolition Team
We will have a special Moderators team that will be in a sub group called (“Demolition Team”) and will go around and remove unused/griefed bases in attempt to reduce lag, increase performance and overall extend the map lifespan up to 6 Months. Once we reset the map, the clock isn’t going to immediately start as if everything goes, the ultimate goal is not to reset providing the Demolition Team does their job. :)

Safe Zones
There is a plugin called SafeZone is basically is WorldGuard (Minecraft) for Unturned and we can define certain things. I've requested some features and this could be a solution where we can sell regions to players 10x10 or 20x20 for in-game Bits. If you don’t pay for a regioned area. The (“Demolition Team”) would have every right to destroy your base without refund. Don’t worry, we’ll have guidelines and a specific times for these to be taken care of!

What about Safe Zones that have been paid for and unused?
If this is the case, we’ll know the owner and see base it player activity. If a player is inactive and there is no AFK post on our forums. The (“Demolition Team”) would have permission to destroy your base without refund.

How about selling some insurance?
Map Reset
It’s been brought up to discussion amongst staff that we should consider a map reset and if we were to do so, It would be done across all servers depending on a majority vote and if you have any reservations about this you have to understand why we want to do a map reset.

There a lot of buildings on the server that have been abandoned from current or former players and we cannot easily verify if they’re currently in use or not and therefore we cannot destroy them.

These buildings will cause space issues where current and new players cannot build or just simply lag the server.

If we have reset the map once before without any issues as there was a major bug in Unturned that forced us to. To allow players to better adjust to the new map we have given them 5,000 Bits in order to get started.

Keep in mind, This will likely happen again and that’s why we have options for you to consider a map reset time frame.

At the time we considered giving 10,000 Bits, however I thought that was too high and then settled on 5,000 Bits. After we have done and the server was updated, players were buying stuff from the shop to make steps and just wasted their Bits and made me re-think that 5,000 Bits may have just been too high or simply forgot to update the shop.

In this case, We’ll be updating the shop soon before any decision is made and you can take a look at our shop page here.

Current Shop:

Updated Doc:

Old Site
It’s also been brought to our attention some players are still using the old website therefore we have remove this page and no longer works.
Unturned has decided to release a new map called Yukon which is always snowing on the map and as the title says you better bundle up, otherwise you will freeze to death.

We didn't want to remove any of our current servers that use PEI, so we have introduced two additional servers for the time being.
  • PvE6 is on port 27070.
  • PvP5 is on port 27075.

Check our server status page for all the IPs and Ports for updated information on how to connect and vote on our servers.

On another note, The feast has been temporary disabled due to some spawning bug. We're investigating the issue and should resolved as soon as possible.
We have finally decided to update the Unturned server to 3.9.x.x as the older version 2.2.5 was no longer being played enough and after talking with our newest Sr. Moderator, SilverFox and Moderator, Zami and let me know that Unturned was far enough in development to support players.

A new modloader called Rocket which extends to an API allows us to run plugins and Zami has assisted me in getting the server online with all the latest and greatest plugins.

  • Kits
    • Create kits for players.
  • Global Ban
    • May eventually add a PvP server, so this global ban system will be used.
  • Message Announcer
    • Sends announcements to the server, letting you know our site and we have a TeamSpeak.
  • uConomy
    • An economy plugin which connects to the shop plugin.
  • uConomy Essentials
    • We provide users a salary every 15 minutes they’re on the server.
  • Votifier
  • Feast
    • Spawns items at certain times in all locations. :)
  • Shop
    • This is an item and vehicle shop.
  • Whitelist
    • Plugin created for us by Zami to easily import the Whitelist because I’m lazy to manually do it.

If you have not yet upgraded to Unturned 3 and would like to join our server, you will need to go to Steam.
  • Open Steam
  • Right Click on Properties on Unturned.
  • Click the Betas tab.
Enter the beta access code to unlock private betas:
Check Code
  • On success, you can then select the beta you would like to opt into:
  • Select: preview - Public test branch
  • Then proceed to update.

Once completed you can open Unturned and click on the triangle (play) button....

Over the last month we have been dealing with hackers, and there is currently not an elegant solution to fix this problem. We have tried to avoid white-listing the server, but since our admins, mods, and users are now getting banned by new hacks, we are forced into this situation. Hopefully this will be temporary, and we will find a better solution soon.

Because of the white-list, and the constant grief, we have also reset the map.

If you interested in playing on the server you can apply here. (Click "Here" to go to the application.)

If you need to report someone you can do that here.

Thank you for your continued support,
-Just Play Here

Are you ready for a hog-killin’ time? Then come on over to our new Rust server!

We're going to start a nice community around the french valley area. Need a place to call home? Then /warp valley, and pitch a tent. We'll patrol that area, and try to make sure nothing bad happens to ya while you settle in. We give a nice kit with a hatchet and food for starters. This is a full on pvp server, and if you're bellerin’ like a fool we're gonna team up and come kill ya.

Admins and mods don't get any special kits or anything here. We're just like everyone else except we will ban all those boot-lickin' hackers. We're there to have a good ol' time just like everyone else.
Want to become a mod? Use this form to apply.

Voting for the server gives us more community reach, so make sure you do your part. You will get some lumber, and some bullets to protect yourself.

You can vote here: Rust-Servers & Top Rust

You might be asking yourself this question: How in the world do I join the server?
It's actually very easy. Launch Rust, and then press F1 to bring up the console.


Copy and Paste the above text into the console and press Enter.

Type "/help" to view all the commands.

So what are you still doing here? Vamoose, and go play on the server!
I'm proud to announce that JustOneMoreBlock has a new, fully dedicated box for the Unturned community! This means we will have multiple servers soon along with full 24/7 access to all of our servers.

The main server,, is now back online and has some great new plugins installed to keep the server running at its best. Also, we have a completely new section of the website just for Unturned! View it by clicking on the servers tab at the top of the site and selecting 'Unturned".

On the website, you can view all of the current staff members, the server stats, VOTING INFO, and much more. Feel free to post anywhere in our forums as we are here to help! :D

- MrStealthDog
The Unturned server for JustOneMoreBlock will be down for maintenance & software upgrades for the next few days. We are working on plugins, server hardware, and much more. Keep in mind that all Unturned servers are having problems due to the current Unturned server coding. We plan to be back online soon!

Survival | SkyBlock | Creative | Games
Get easy access to all of our server though the main hub portals. Go from Survival to skyblock in a matter of seconds so you can maximize your production and fun through the Minecraft Universe.

Towns - Come join and establish your own town today! Certification includes region protection and a Governor Rank including adding 2 Mayors to be your assistant of you town in creating plots and setting up signs using Simple Region Market.

Economy - Various things you're able to do with money in-game, setting up a Chest Shop in the Market Town, Killing Mobs and owning a town and collecting money from players who buy plots.

mcMMO - Join in on the fun with a widely ranged MCMMO setup across multiple worlds. Rank up your mining, tree chopping, and fishing all without even lifting a finger.

Additional Worlds - You have access to Mineworld, Nether and The End. All these worlds re-gen the 1st of the Month for new ores/materials to be obtained.

List of some of our plugins: Craftconomy, Votifier, mcMMO, LWC, MondoChest, ecoCreature, Dynmap, CraftBook, ChestShop, SimpleRegionMarket

Survive on your own private island solo or with friends in the all new Skyblock World! You spawn on an island in the sky with limited (but enough) resources and must expand your island to become an empire. Enjoy hours of play time as you become lost in the ever lasting skyworld.

Create your own 128x128 creative plot to build your dreams! Get full access to your plot, it’s biomes, and all items without limitations! Fly to your friends plots and help them build anything from a city to a roller coaster....
Welcome to Just One More Block – We’re classified as a “Minecraft Resource” website and not just “Another Minecraft Server” granted, We do have a Minecraft Server, However we do a lot more than just things related to Minecraft.

Skin Server

I've written my own Skin Server which can easily be found at “Projects” and then “Skin Viewer” type your in-game Minecraft Username and it will show your skin. It’s case-sensitive, make sure you spell it correctly. You can also go to<ign>.png to pull up your skin.

iConomy 6 Converter
While ago I was trying to find a solution to be able to convert from iConomy 6 flat file system which was a “MiniDB” which was just basic text in a file a text file this caused problems leading to balances being overwritten using other plugins such as Votifier if a user wanted to vote on the server. The solution would have been to convert to another economy system – at that point I've looked into CraftConomy. This could convert “MiniDBs” to “MySQL” but at the time it took over 8 hours to convert a really large database for simple text when this could have easily been done in seconds. I didn't want to switch just yet so, I sought out a solution to convert MiniDB in iConomy 6 to MySQL in iConomy 6 – this would also fix the issue of plugins overwriting files, since there was no way or solution available, I’ve wrote my solution to convert from MiniDB to MySQL on iConomy 6 and CraftConomy has been updated significantly where converting from iConomy 6 MySQL to CraftConomy would be seamless and not...
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