We closed the staff applications a few months ago to undergo a form revamp for our application process. We have completed the new form, and ready to accept new applicants from our users to try and become Jr. Mods for JustPlayHere. :)

The new way is a little more lengthy. Please take your time when filling out the form.


Kind Regards,
We've relocated our servers from Canada to Virginia. Lower, more stable ping and a shorter path to the servers is the intended result. The physical boxes are also much better performers. They have more memory. They also feature solid state drives.

If you're having trouble finding the servers at their new location, set all of your in-game filters to "Any". Type justplayhere in the search box and click on "Internet". It will take a minute or two for the list to pop up. Click on each server name you wish to have in your list. When the menu screen for that server pops up, click "Add Favorite". There is no need to actually enter the server to add it to the Favorite list.

Verify your hotkeys when you enter a server for the first time. ;)
I’ve spent a lot of time trying to find a logo, and I wanted something cute and that represents gaming. I didn’t want anything that references “Unturned,” “Minecraft” or any other games that we may offer as part of our network.

We are a survival based community, and I wanted something that could represent as a brand identity.

I feel like the controller needs a name. :)