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  1. on PvE 3 i made a huge Jade berry farm and I see you can turn it into weed. Is there a specific way to sell it.
  2. You need to play on a modified server, not JPH.
  3. PistolPete is there a way to increase prices on Jade berries so we can do this as like something that gives money?
  4. Unturned is a game of survival, not welfare handouts from exploiting the shop. Sorry, prices won't be changing on the berries.
  5. Unless you donate.
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  6. I don't see how that will change the prices though.
  7. Someone forgot their Off-Topic "OT" in the response...

    My first thought is that Kappa is referring to those banned for exploiting their kits back in November 2016. We're already beyond the scope of the JPH servers by discussing modifications that won't be used. Locking the thread.
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