Rejected User Norton Griefer (Video Proof)

Discussion in 'Rejected' started by ★ Hazam, Sep 6, 2015.

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  1. This user (Norton) was throwing grenades at my and other people houses. The whole house was destroyed. Please Ban.
    Proof Video:
  2. Excellent example : Full on Griefer rage . What was wrong with him? Did he drink to much glue and become unhinged?
    What an unnerving experience illustrated there. :mad:

    The video is good, mind sharing what program you used to capture it ?
  3. I look good here
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  4. Quick Time Player XD
  5. Hello;
    Thank you for the Proof, I will contact a higher staff member so he can ban him.

  6. Great video but with the looks of it name calling isn't allowed on our servers, don't say that stuff in chat remember people of all ages come to play and everyone wants to have fun.
  7. My bad, i was really mad at that moment. Wont happen again :)
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