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Discussion in 'News Archive' started by Cory, Aug 21, 2016.

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  1. I had purchased elite yesterday around 3pm or so and it didnt go through so i also purchased plus to see if i had done something wrong the first time, so ive purchased two ranks and niether of them have gone through. please help
  2. I bought elite yesterday and I don't have it I tried everything? please try and fix.
  3. - Fixed.

    - Fixed.
  4. I would totally donate again for a Bus Kit. :V or change ural to bus? :D
  5. Yea, more kits would be nice, I am so willing to blow 50$ in kits XD :V

    - There are certain servers that let you /v every 24 hours, that may be good for elite kits or just a separate kit, I do see the problem with people /v hinds and tanks, but I do think you can prohibit some vehicles.
  6. Yea I don't want anything OP like a Tank Or Hind. But a few dollars for a bus kit isn't a bad idea in my opinion.
    Like a 1 Kit a Bus or 1 Kit an Ambulance etc etc. on a timer like the elite kits.
  7. I purchased Plus yesterday and it didn't go through for me. I sent you a message.
  8. I upgraded to Elite this morning and no change so far. pleae fix as in this is my day off and i wantedd to enjoy this perk
  9. A bus kit? Interesting.
    We are considering selling one-time use kits, however, has to be really tested. It's a bit of a long way yet.

    Yep, fixed. :) - Messaged you!

    Yep, fixed. :) - Messaged you!

  10. Hi, can you guys add at least a seater makeshift vehicle in the (In-Game) shop : PVE 2 ,cars are rare in the game .
  11. I bought plus kit and haven't gotten it yet
  12. I Purchased the Elite package last night, No change to account yet hoping to enjoy this perk today
  13. Still no change in account 2 days after purchase.
  14. - Fixed.

    - Fixed.
  15. i purchased elite package not change account yet
  16. I bought this 3 days ago have not received it yet
  17. i purchased yesterday have not received it yet
  18. i purchased an elite upgrade two days ago. i have messaged cory about not having access to kits but having other benefits such as red chat text and reduced /home cooldowns. still hasnt been resolved.
  19. thanks man
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