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Discussion in 'Support' started by pmcastillo, Nov 15, 2014.

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  1. ... I can't connect :(
  2. When this happens please visit our TS3 for more information. Usually that means we have to restart the server.
  3. could be, bad internet, incorrect data entered (extra space), or server full, Or server needs to be restarted
  4. Server Glitched:

    * Can't pickup
    * Can't drop
    * Can't chop woods
    * Can't mine rocks
    * Zombies just standing

    Definitely server needs a manual restart. I tried going to T3, but no admins to help me.

  5. yep, I have the same problems,
  6. ... and still glitched
    just don't join cause I want all the loot....
  8. ... and it is down again :)
  9. This isn't really relevant to the topic but my base got destroyed and raided can u please fix it? I had a ton of guns and stuff in there and when I logged on a few weeks ago, it was all gone including the chest, my iron door, and some of my sand bags I put in for my windows.
Thread Status:
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