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Discussion in 'Rejected' started by CodyEagles, Sep 16, 2015.

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  1. [TAW] MrBadoochie was caught blowing up two cars and when he was being pursued , he ran away , when my friend nightwing101 confronted him from the other side , he disconnected before he can get a screenshot of his name , fortunately i was able to catch him due to my better parkour skill , we had to wait full five minutes before he came back on the server 2015-09-16_00009.jpg 2015-09-16_00008.jpg that was him trying to take another shot at my car , unfortunately , he did take that shot while running and sadly it hit my car which made my friend nightwing's car blow up with mine . he switched to the honey badger weapon so he can take fast shots while evading me
  2. I ready bad him for 48 hours
  3. Sorry for blowing up the car but you are incorrect there my friend and I did blow up one but not 2
  4. My friend I were bored cause I guy took our stuff so we found a bunch of stuff at the feast so we decided to go to other feast and then we found you two guy and my friend and I were interested in seeing if you guy might of taken our stuff
  5. At first it was to see what you guys were up too then yes we fired cuase we were interested if you the guys and then we got into the battle but you guys blown up our car first
  6. But sorry if we caused problems and we blown up your cars
  7. In my defence as well not using this as a excuse but cars are easy to find and are easy to build up again, but if I blown up your cars and was annoying you and stole your stuff completely diffen, I would never annoy you or take your stuff
  8. Cant blow up cars if some is in around it or using it.Its in the rules
  9. Would be nice to know there were rules before entering a server, I mean if you say there are rules for a server it fails on you guys to let us know that becuase everyone expects rules when they come in a server
  10. I'm not saying that it's dumb a server has rules, I'm saying its dumb that no one is told there are rules in the first place like if I knew there were rules in the server I would of followed but I didn't so I went on my way, but in the future maybe there should be a message once somebody jojns a server that says Please read the rules to this server, so then you can catch people by saying did you read the rules and then people would learn but its your guy's server do what you want, I was just making a suggesten
  11. Thank you for your suggestion it will be taken into account at the next staff meeting
  12. Thank you for your suggestion it will be taken into account at the next staff meeting
  13. K well that makes me happy lol
  14. Why am i here? :p
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