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Discussion in 'Support' started by Skioldus, Aug 15, 2021.

  1. As I was working on our house, I wanted to create a simple little public area similar to some pine crate trade points at other player houses. This area, alternatively, has fuel (and potential rain barrels) with which any player can freely use among their journeys.

    As I read through the rules regarding base construction, the only potential conflict I could foresee is the following from the Rules forum page:

    Bases must be closed off to outsiders.
    *** Open rooftops and ramps/stairs to rooftops do not qualify as closed off. ***

    Because the area is meant to behave like the pine-crate trade areas, for use by any and all players who may pass by but instead with fuel, water, and a heat source, I wanted to confirm if this proposed 2x2 area would be acceptable and not conflict with any specific rules. Although the pine ramparts stem from the house, the house remains sealed and with metal doors according to the main Rule guidelines of base building. I have included a couple photos that preview what the area looks like for frame of reference.

    Screenshot (8068).png Screenshot (8069).png Screenshot (8070).png Screenshot (8071).png

    I ask for guidance if this is an acceptable setup, and will gladly follow any recommendations in light of it being safe, needing adjustment, or needing removed entirely.
  2. I'd consider that a balcony area as you do have pine posts and ramparts. It looks reasonably-sized now but I wouldn't make it any larger.
  3. Thank you for your reply! That does make sense, and for safety I'll remove the structural parts as well (ramparts and joints).

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