Russia Map has been released

Discussion in 'News Archive' started by Cory, Aug 19, 2016.

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  1. Nelson announced awhile back about a new map being released. On Wednesday, he released a trailer of the new map and in the description, the long and waited Russia map will be released on Friday. You can see this video below:

    As of today, The new Russia map has been released to the public and they’re now available to play on our servers.

    We have added 4 additional servers (2 PvE and 2 PvP) to the JustPlayHere Network.

    As always you can search for all of our servers in Unturned with “JustPlayHere” name or you can visit our status page at the following link:

    You can easily vote on our PvE and PvP servers (Not Arena) for Vote Rewards.

    Yukon Map

    It’s not going anywhere for now. We have plenty of resources to keep it online for now.


    We had a trial run, and it works. However, it came at a cost to some players as they were being trapped by other players and we simply don’t like that. For the time being this has been removed and will be revisiting this later.


    I’ve been asked about the store/donations a few times, and it's ready to go! I’m thinking we’ll be launching them by Monday providing nothing breaks this update.
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  2. Love you for keeping the Yukon maps :p Stay golden!
  3. love the servers.. the only issue i have is the frequent shutdowns..
  4. the shutdowns happen when the server checks for updates for rocketmod and unturned
    wouldnt want being stuck outside when you updated and the server didnt, it'll say "server is running a different version"

    also, since this is a HUGE map, might need 2 more servers (for pve atleast) for it with a lower maximum player count

    maybe 12/12 per russia map
  5. well yes the lag in russia map is terrible i almost get killed in silo 22 3 times cz of lag the numbers of players who are in russia map are almost maxed 24/7
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