Raided. 1st time in such a manner since the dark ages before anti grief and claim flags.

Discussion in 'Support' started by SastusBulbas, Apr 5, 2017.

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    I'm guessing there is not a lot that can be done, but a bullet proof glass window was shot out and 6 lockers of inventory removed from my base on Pei PvE2, it's a metal base on the road to Stratford, right at the bend after Military base.

    The only other player that was on was Lt.Viper who said he never saw anything, but this could have happened at any time as I was off Pei all day, trying out your Seatle PvE8 map.

    A lot of good stuff was in the lockers, mainly character back up kit, and some rare guns from mega's, spare ammo and such. Couple of lockers worth of feast items.

    No screenshots of the crime in hand.

    I've seen the server reasons for a lack of anti grief, it's PvE and there is no reason for anyone to be needing an ability to shoot down player structures or build structures in residential areas with proper PvE server maintenance. fair enough I was on all week on Pei and seen no actual grief happen, but everyone complains about it, 1st day off and bamn.
    Spent the day on Seatle, and the majority were complaining about raided bases. To be realistic, players cannot screenshot or video events that happen usually when they are off or on the other side of the map, the majority play PvE to play the environment, and in 2017 were usually not expecting to be raided with so many server tools available these days.

    Maybe re-think the anti grief. I have seen a lot of servers come and go, the best PvE use anti grief, sadly the maps are limited and so far, apart from lag, server crashes that knock you back in time, and anti grief, your servers have been thoroughly enjoyable. We need more decent servers that atract players and leave them feeling like they have not wasted their time.

    Edit, interestingly, I had too much loot in those 6 lockers for a player or two to carry, but someone has put temporary storage near my base and built around it, call it coincidence but I would bet the thief had no ability to carry so stored my inventory here to collect later.

    There are two metal wardrobes and a metal locker hidden from view?

    Edit, 07.53am here and still the only player is is Viper. clearly someone put my loot in their own storage just outside my claim flag zone and plans to return for it.

  2. I'll check out this mysterious storage.
  3. Cleared.
  4. @SastusBulbas:
    Anti-grief: No. You already read the reasons in other threads.
  5. PistolPete, I read some excuses, may not have read them all. I played on enough servers to know that your reasons for allowing players to raid are simply excuses.

    A raider has the means to destroy metal walls, bullet proof glass, metal lockers and metal wardrobes. And this is a requirement in PvE because? Because a few admin and some players didnt enjoy anti grief. Thats about what I read.
  6. Anti grief caused its own issues which led to it being taken out. Issues such as players being trapped, areas being blocked off.
  7. Within 24 hours the maps were full of trash. That's why we took it out. Don't like, go troll somewhere else.
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