PvP1 Needs to be checked for illegal and derelict bases

Discussion in 'Support' started by Qwerty343D, Aug 21, 2018.

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  1. Recently a large sky base I had made with my friend was demolished, and rightfully so. We knew we were playing with fire when we made the illegally sized base. But why did we feel safe making it? Because PvP1 is FULL, ABSOLUTELY FULL of abandoned buildings and oversized bases. We're not angry we lost our base. We're angry you're not doing your job. You can't go through the main road without seeing two abandoned buildings! The shoreline has over THREE abandoned bases. There's an oversized sky base by Stratford. There's all this stuff everywhere that you can't avoid seeing and you go only for us. There's stuff I left behind EIGHT MONTHS AGO that still stands. This is absurd! I demand a semi-thorough check for illegal and derelict bases on PvP1.
  2. As for staff not doing their job:

    The PvE servers demand quite a bit more attention to minimize griefing. They are also much busier than the PvP servers. Normally players let us know if there is junk on a PvP server instead of ignoring the rules and adding to the violations.

    As for the violations: Three abandoned bases were removed. Compared to the ten or so we remove from a PvE server, this is nothing.

    Those who were warned previously but continue to break our rules are now banned.
  3. If you have a problem you PM a staff member and report the violation.

    So instead of saying we DON’T do our jobs for our 21 servers we have to monitor perhaps try reporting these violations. We can all go around blaming the staff of the server issues but you got to realise we do monitor 21 servers in total and have very few staff. The main servers that require staffs full attention are the PvE, as we do not allow stealing or griefing there and is very popular.

    The PvP servers aren’t popular compared to PvE, usually it’s players who come online for an hour and then leave. But I do make an effort to check them when I notice players there regularly.

    As for it being “absurd!” You were currently breaking server rules at that time. Isn’t that rather absurd? I think what’s absurd is when I say don’t build on permanent structures to a player and yet after their ban they go ahead and do it anyway.

    We do our best with the few staff and many servers we have, it would be nice if players actually helped out by reporting things rather than blaming us.

    If you’re not willing to help us then there’s no real reason to complain we don’t do our jobs, you had plenty of time to tell us about it. You chose not to. I don’t recognise you notifying us about this issue before your base was removed.

    It’s never okay to break server rules so I don’t see why you thought it was okay.

    Those who do break them will be punished.
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