PvE8 Destruction Theft

Discussion in 'Support' started by Craziest44, Sep 5, 2017.

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  1. Hi i would just like to report a concern about a recent raiding activity. I currently have a suspect but havent seen them long enough to get their full name. I was raided on when they broke down a wall ad destroyed 2 lockers, stole planted veggies, and theres small nicks to the base. They left a small metal platform that bugs me where the wall was broken down at which i cant seem to remove which is the main problem im having since the rest can be easily replaced.
  2. Found the plate, banned the griefer. It was his first offense so it's only for three days.
  3. If the griefer leaves something behind they can be found? If so I was griefed and the griefer left a tank trap and sandbags.
  4. Server and coordinates?

    /position for coordinates.
  5. x: -336.07, y: 26.32, z:383.02

    Photo of location:


    I moved my base because I was getting griefed daily. So you can destroy whats left after you investigate. Hopefully the new spot is better.

    My police car is still at this location because someone stole all the tires (or blew them out). You can destroy that too if you like, ill find a new one.
  6. An
    Player has been banned for griefing and thank you for reporting.
    A tip to next time is to write the server number so staff don't go through 4 servers to find your base.

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  7. Thanks I appreciate it. I didn't know you could track them from their left behind materials. I will place a formal complaint next time.

    Oh and my apologizes I thought I mentioned it was PVE2 but I guess I got distracted.

    Thanks again. Hopefully the new location and the player being banned stops the constant griefing. I have a feeling the daily raids were all the same person.
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