PVE8 car steal, destroyed, raid tentative :)

Discussion in 'Support' started by vandenbossche, Jul 26, 2018.

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  1. Hello,
    playing on the pve8 since three weeks now and since few day there is a mad guy inflation!

    today i log in someone used my car and abandonate it with no fuel (métal sign on it and locked)
    yesterday i found a player destroying our bus, told him, he said he do it because he likes it....late in the day i found a guy hiting our doors.
    seen people build bizarre bridge onto a base to try to glitch in it!
    i know you can't be everywhere everytime here is to help :







    thank you!
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  2. The first player was banned yesterday for a three day period.

    Punching a metal door, while annoying, does no harm to the door.
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