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    I connected today with the great suprise of being raided.
    I lost over 100k Bits (im not even exagerating) worth of stuff in my crates such as airdrop stuff and horde stuff.
    I also lost my Forest Ural with all the stuff in.
    I don't ask for any stuff refund since i don't have any screenshots but i would want to get my vehicle back.
    I attached some screenshots of my raided base and what was inside my ural.
    At the time im writing this, im already repairing my stuff, we'll recover.
    My base is near Volk Military base
    Thanks for the help.
    Franscobec, Chief of the Bacon Squad Group.

    PS: i've sent a video from september 13 (as showed in the propreties screenshot), that i took before going on a ''dangerous trip''. Those are the last images that i got from my vehicle. >>> https://streamable.com/9m7exw

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  2. What i mean by ''no stuff refund'' is that i don't want to have a refund of what was in my crates since i don't have screenshots. I would like to get the stuff that was in my vehicle tho
  3. Staff can not spawn items. Build small and out of the way.
  4. Ok, I have no problem about that, but am I gonna be able to have my vehicle back ?
  5. Staff can not spawn items. That includes vehicles.
  6. Okay so it just means that i lost 95 % of my things that i can't get refund. rip
    fine, i'll build a makeshift instead. Thanks anyway
  7. After checking the sandbag and determining the identity of the owner I saw that the griefer was banned earlier today for griefing a different base. Your video has been added to the ban report.
  8. Okay nice.

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