Insufficient Evidence Player Ban Report for ScatterWolf request by Neurosis

Discussion in 'Insufficient Evidence' started by Neurosis, Aug 24, 2016.

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  1. A new ban report has been created for Scatterwolf.

    Unturned Server
    Banned Reason
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    Witness List
    Spudyj and Asgard398. Also Asgard398 has a video.
    Ban Details

    So a player named ScatterWolf has admitted to having a no recoil hack or something along those lines.

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  2. He admitted in world chat saying he has a "NO RECOIL hack"
  3. Players can type anything they want in world chat. Right or wrong, true or false, we need something that shows suspicious behavior via screenshots or video. Please have Asgard398 upload the video to youtube as a private video and link to it here.
  4. I will have him post the link but i mean like if someone admits to something like hacking, in my opinion they should be banned if they said something like that its their own fault and he is hacking we do have video proof that will be uploaded but i mean this should be sufficient enough. Anyways I'm not going to argue to staff i am talking to asgard and he is trying to get the video uploaded it is currently rendering.
  5. I killled the Kennedys, kidnapped the Lindberg baby and was Jack the Ripper in another life. That's why we can't use chat as evidence. No evidence, no action.
  6. here is the video at about 10 seconds it seems he uses some sort of teleportation hack to get behind asgard and all his bullets go straight there is 0 recoil.
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  7. i posted the video. Courtesy of asgard398
  8. So Hewan (a JR. Mod) got on and witnessed first hand scatter was hacking you can ask him. there was ESP hacks (see through walls), He had No Recoil, Glitches through the bottom of his base (he has a secret base under his old one with only one way to get in and out to do /home or glitch through), He also admitted to having the hacks and he used them. JR. Mod Hewan witnessed it all.
  9. Can confirm Pete he is a hacker he has in VOICE CHAT that he has a video of him hacking on the server
  10. I Want To Be Un Banned I Dont See Why I Get Banned When I Saw What I Did Wrong For A YouTube Video That I HAd no Recoil But I Took It Off
  11. And Im Scatter btw And In The Video Shown by him It Was Cleary Lag Not Teleporting and You Guys In Consle Would be able to see if i ever teleported And Now Im Banned When I Took Off The Recoil and Im Being Blamed For SomeTing Like wall Hacks Like Really You Guys Didnt Even Talk To Me About It
  12. And Why Didnt You put Audio In The Video When I Was Sing "Ill Let You Live" When i was just standing there And Then You Punched me so i shot
  13. Regardless if you teleported or not you still used a no recoil hack and got banned thats your own fault.
  15. Give Give Me A Chance Thats All Im Asking
  16. I now have two requests for a ban, one here and one in the Staff area. The video is up for review by staff.
  17. Cory, Max and I have reviewed the video and no violation was found. Currently there is insufficient evidence to support a ban.
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