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Discussion in 'Rejected' started by Ranger SmellyLemon, May 29, 2016.

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  1. There is someone on justplayhere3 PVE server that has taken over the petrol station at charlotte town so i went in there to get some gas for my jeep and all i hear him saying is drop the timberwolf thats ours give it back else im reporting you and kept on saying it if he is going to do this to every person that asks for gas then he should be banned or warned because he also tried taking someones katana by saying he can make it gold(The Guy Doing This is Called Dev And he is A gold Member)
  2. I just cleared the illegal base and dock for the following reasons:
    1) Built in, on or attaching to a permanent structure
    2) Blocking access to an item spawn
    3) Blocking access to a feast spawn

    That should solve the problem. If "Dev" rebuilds try to get screenshots of him and his steam name from the map screen. We'll let him know the server rules.
  3. Thank you if it happens again il take screenshots
  4. He has not filed any reports. The ban request is rejected as there is no violation.
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