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Discussion in 'General' started by Swirlyfoot, Dec 26, 2017.

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  1. You guys have taken so much fun from this game.

    You leave the servers vulnerable to our bases being broken every day, and if I place hidden claim flags nearby to prevent people from building ramps to my skybase, you call me a rule breaker and ban me. Placing concealed flags is not prohibited in your rules: https://justplayhere.com/threads/justplayhere-stuff-explained.17680/

    You ban me for "vehicle hoarding." I had two vehicles, a tank that I found and an elitecar I had already rezzed, which I left unlocked for someone else to enjoy since I now had the tank. You are the worst, the absolute worst at what you do. No wonder your servers have one or two players and a ton of troll griefers breaking everyone's bases every day. My bad for giving you any financial support at all, lesson learned. I don't give money to break rules, as you accused me. I just play to have fun, helping new players every time I'm online. You should include that as breaking rules next time you update them. No fun. No leaving vehicles for others to enjoy. No being friendly.

    Now I know where the name "JustPlayHere" comes from... as in just play, don't have fun, don't help people, don't be friendly, don't think your loot is safe, don't expect being treated fairly or anything near respectfully by staff, just play. I'll just move on, now.

    Peace out, Swirlyfoot
  2. You broke our rules and you were punished, just as anyone else would have been.

    If you can’t abide by our rules you don’t have to stay, I reviewed your ban and it clearly provided evidence to vehicle hoarding and exploitation.

    Placing claim flags around your base is acceptable but when it comes to hiding them in trees and preventing other players from living in that area too is not acceptable.
  3. We are not responsible for what other players do to your base. Rules allow us to punish the offenders. Police will laugh in your face when you demand they replace what burglars took. We don't laugh because we know you put time and effort into building a base, however, we do not spawn in replacement items. That has never been staff's job. As for others being able to break in: Nelson can not remove certain aspects of multiplayer gameplay or you would be trapped in a box forever.

    As for your ban: Upgrade holders agree at time of purchase that they are subject to the same rules and punishments as every other player. Your claim flags were on the ground, well out of range of your skybase, spaced well enough apart that it would be unclear to others why the area was claimed, and were concealed in trees. Go read the punishment guidelines. The exploiting rule about items in trees has been here since almost three years now. The example given is someone placing a bed in a tree, however, claim flags, storage, campfires and any other placeable object found in a tree is prohibited.

    We will not list specific exploits in our rules for the same reason you will not find them listed on Steam: There is no reason to teach others how to exploit.

    Your standalone garage and remote claim flag was removed some time ago by staff for breaking the rules. Repeat offenses leave us no choice but to clear the violation and follow the guidelines.

    As Georgia stated your ban expires 27/12/17 02:05:16 EDT. You are free to return to the servers after that time as long as you abide by the rules and punishment guidelines. If you witness anyone breaking the rules please screenshot or record video of the offense and post in the ban request section.
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