New Assault to my base on PVE2

Discussion in 'Support' started by John Wesley, Dec 29, 2018.

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  1. To any mod on this server,
    I'm very sorry to report this again.. but my house was attacked again, i am attaching photos... of course i couldn't get a picture nor a name, but i'm sure the objects left are evidence enough, please note in the first screenshot the hole in my house and two objects that were, most probably than not, part of a route used to get in. The second and third screenshots show a house next to that path which shows an open door... my guess is that maybe the perpetrator was caught and just left, but its only a guess and i have no proof, but i'm sure you can check it out.

    As always i really appreciate any assistance i can get from the mod staff.

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  2. Right now Rocketmod is acting up on our servers but as soon as it's working properly we can nab the offender.
  3. Unfortunately a new attack has ocurred, i'm showing new evidence via screenshots.

    As you can see, now my flag has been replaced aswell as my front door, this is too much, this is no normal attack this is harrass, i hope you can see what this means not just for me, but for all the mod staff, and take the neccesary means to punish this guy.

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  4. That is my sign. Your base was greifed and staff secured it to prevent others from getting in and doing additional damage. If you don't want staff securing your griefed base then we will remove it as derelict.
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    I understand, thank you again for securing the house, (i saw the updated message on your sign), as i don't have the means to destroy any structure (my means were "taken" away) i would appreciate if you could remove the metal door so i can replace it with my own, i will be playing the game in three hours since this post.

    EDIT: Changes based on the updated message on your sign.
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